Well here it is, the latest Blackberry to the RIM collection, the Blackberry Torch 9800. Due to be on sale this coming Thursday August 12th, the Torch is suppose to be RIM’s latest and greatest. New OS (Blackberry 6), new style (Slider device), and finally a respectable Web browser. But is this enough to keep RIM relevant?

The Blackberry Torch 9800 will be released on AT&T for $199.99 on a 2 year contract. We just got the device from RIM yesterday and will be putting it through its paces. First thought, though it is a familiar OS it takes a lot to get use to. I’ve used it today for the duration of the day and I’m still trying to get adjusted to it. I do like the new look of the OS, but when you have been used to a trackpad/non-screen Blackberry OS, it is definitely a different experience.

Not only does trying to juggle when you want to use the trackpad and when to use the touchscreen take a little mind reprogramming, but trying to decide whether to use the physical keyboard or the touchscreen one, takes a little forethought.

The device does look cool though. Like the Blackberry 9700, Storm, and Curve 8900, the style of the device is very sleek and fashionable. It is a little thicker than I expected, as well as heavy. But stay tuned to our official full review for more information. For now check out the Gallery for the rest of the Torch images.

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