This was a interesting week and one that was actually quite surprising. In this final week of the 30 day challenge, I decide I would completely use Android (Samsung Captivate) for the entire week. Yup I ignored the Blackberry and went all Android. So in essence for the Blackberry I went cold turkey.

During my cold turkey week, I did everyone Android. If I wanted to check the blogs like I normally do, instead of Viigo it was FeedR. When I wanted to have I’m conversations, instead of BBM it was GoogleTalk. Voice calling (though I barely speak on my phone) was via Google Voice on the Captivate. Surfing the web, Foursquare, Pandora, Facebook all Android. If I wanted to hop on Twitter, instead of SocialScope or Twitter for BB, it was Seemic. I think you get the picture.

What was actually surprising and maybe a little scary, was the the fact that I really didn’t get the shakes like I thought I would from not using a Blackberry. There was no withdrawal period. The most dangerous fact of this week was BBM. I honestly didn’t miss it like I thought I would. This is a major item, as I was one of the main things that has kept me locked in to the Blackberry!

Now while I paint a picture that Android might just have stole me away from Team Blackberry, I must say a few things. First I enjoy listening to music much more on my Blackberry than I did the Captivate. This may be only hardware related, but while I would definitely watch movies on the Captivate (hands down!), music was louder on the Bold 9700. Then there was the mighty Blackberry keyboard. Though Swype is very good, I found myself finishing I could use my BB when I need to bang out text!

Well the week is done, and I survived it without my Blackberry. I enjoyed Android very much, both on the hardware side (Samsung Captivate), and the software (Android 2.1). I learned a few things along the way like how to root my devices (both the HTC Aria and the Samsung Captivate), how to unlock the non market apps that AT&T crippled, and how to remove AT&T crapware lol.

So will I stick with Blackberry? Will I hook up with Android? Or do I need both in my life for now? Haha I guess you’ll just have to wait one more post to see. But I’m curious to what you guys think I will do. So place ya vote on the poll.

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