So here we are 4 weeks later, 30 days after I first picked up the HTC Aria and then the Samsung Captivate. During the challenge I got familiar with Android, learned how to root my devices, split my time between Android and Blackberry and the had an all Android week.

It was definitely an eye opening experience. I have been with Team Blackberry since Nextel Blackberry at my past job and then I purchase my own, the Curve 8700c. I went from that to the 8300 series, then the Bold 9000, and now the 9700. I have praised RIM for their flawless keyboard (in my opinion) and the wonderful Blackberry Messenger. When it came to emailing, my Blackberry is a beast, 10 email accounts flow into it. Social media out the ying yang lol. Twitter, Foursquare, BeeJive, Google Voice all on deck.

Then there is Android. I have watched it develop since the G1. I have always like Android and what it was doing, but hardware always held me back. I’m not a big fan of touchscreen, and their keyboard devices can’t compare to my Blackberry. Then you had devices that just didn’t look that hot to ne style wise. The G1 was meh, the myTouch3G was ok, and the other only ok to me at best.

Now Android has gotten a lot more sexier. 2.1-2.2 looks good. Hardware has gotten sleeker (Nexus One, DROID X, Samsung Captivate/Vibrant). Google put out something I always want, Google Maps with turn by turn directions, I love this. These last 30 days have been great with Android and I haven’t missed my Blackberry like I thought I would…

So with that being said, where do I go from here? Team Blackberry or Team Android?

Well here it is: Both!

Yep I’ve decided not to choose, at least for now. Here is how I look at it. The Blackberry is my home, I live there throughout the year. But when I want to go on vacation, Android is the Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Florida (where I love to stay!). I love going there for a break from the everyday. Here is another one. The Blackberry is my everyday car, I take it to and from work. But when the weekend comes, and I was to style, I peel off in the Samsung Captivate. I have people stare at me as I watch Avatar on that thing!


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