Let’s face it, when you think of a cash register, you aren’t think about something sexy. So you must be wondering, why in the world we would be saying Cash Register just got sexy! While yesterday a company called Square released apps of their mobile payment service for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android devices.

The main components of the Square platform is the mobile app, which can be downloaded in the iTunes store and Android Market, and small square cube that plugs into the 3.5mm plug of your device. With this cube you can swipe credit cards and accept payments, anywhere in the United States. To sign up is completely free, and they are even giving you the cube piece for free. I actually signed up myself today to check it out. They do charge an per transaction fee, but if you are a user of Paypal for Business, their rates are competitive with them and other merchant accounts providers.

So you see when you can have your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device (hopefully Blackberry as well soon) as your cash register, then gone are the days of the cash register not being sexy. Ladies and Gentlemen, Cash Registers just got sexy for the first time in history, thanks to Square. If you would like to check out Square, head over to www.squareup.com

About Square
In February 2009, Jim McKelvey wasn’t able to sell a piece of his glass art because he couldn’t accept a credit card as payment. Even though a majority of payments has moved to plastic cards, accepting payments from cards is still difficult, requiring long applications, expensive hardware, and an overly complex experience. Square was born a few days later right next to the old San Francisco US Mint.

Today the Square team is focused on bringing immediacy, transparency, and approachability to the world of payments: an inherently social interaction each of us participates in daily.

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