Has Apple completely take over the product category? I remember when I loved my Creative Zen Vision M, because it was the alternative to the iPod everyone else had. Then I some how just stopped using it. Not even sure why, maybe because I wanted to carry less pocket gadgets (phone, mp3 player, usb stick, etc), or maybe the iPod Touch made my Zen look ugly.

I used to check the creative site all the time hoping for something new, exciting, sexier, but it never came. And then I started to look to other companies and no one seems to be making anything worthwhile, at least on the G Style level I need. Microsoft released the Zune HD and it was sexy, but it was Microsoft and I wasn’t ready to go there yet.

If you are thinking about buying a MP3 player now, your looking at either an iPod variant or the Zune HD. Or you have settled with using your phone as your music player? So I’m curious, where has all the MP3 players gone?

What do you currently use as your on the go music source?


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