So this weekend brought the second religion based movie to theaters, after last week’s “Book of Eli”. This one revolves around an archangel named Michael (Paul Bettany), who comes to earth to try and stop God’s wrath on mankind. Following closely behind him are other angels who are bent on bringing the apocalypse. In an out of the way diner in the desert, there’s a waitress named Charlie (Adrianne Palicki), who is 8 months pregnant with a child she doesn’t intend on keeping. Michael must make sure this child is born, if he is to stop God’s intentions. With the help of some unfortunate strangers who get stuck at the diner, they must all join forces to stop the onslaught of demons on their way to kill Charlie and her unborn child. If that isn’t enough, another archangel named Gabriel (Kevin Durand) is also on his way to earth in an attempt to kill this child.

I have to say when I saw the trailer for this movie I was really anticipating it’s release. What a story line, angels fighting on earth for the survival on mankind. People possessed by demons with razor sharp teeth. It all sounded and looked so fascinating in the trailers. That’s because the trailer scenes were the only good parts of this movie, and those scenes happened in the first half of the movie. After that it got really boring and there wasn’t much effort put into the rest of the film. Here you have these people in this diner, all with their own problems. The owner, Bob Hanson (Dennis Quaid) who had plans to have a successful diner on a road where he thought a mall would be built. His son, Jeep (Lucas Black) who wants to be with Charlie, but the feelings aren’t mutual. Percy Walker, (Charles S. Dutton) the cook, who has one hand. The Anderson family (Jon Tenney, Willa Holland, and Kate Walsh) who’s car breaks down on their way to a new life in a new city. Then there’s Kyle Williams (Tyrese Gibson), who pulls up to the diner when he discovers he is lost on his way to a court appearance.

All of these people that the movie gives you a brief description of, but doesn’t fill in the blanks as to why they are all really there. Then the movie never tells you why this unborn child is so special. I’m sure that at any given time children were being born all over the world. Why was it that this child’s birth would change God’s mind about how he felt towards mankind. The mother didn’t want him, there was never even a glimpse into where the father was, and she smoked cigarettes while pregnant? Why this child, I kept asking, never to know the answer. If god was so mad with the world, why send angels to kill this one child? Just destroy the world with some kind of natural disaster. Even in the movie, Michael says that the last time God was angry, he flooded the planet. Why not this time? Why an army of angels, for one kid? Well as you can see, this movie left a whole lot of holes in the story. I think God should have sent angels to stop this movie from being made. It was an abomination. I knew I was bored when I found myself thinking about how funny, Charles S. Dutton’s old comedy show “Roc” use to be, and how I wished they would show reruns of it on television. I know I have not liked a movie, when it ends and I want to scream out in the theater “That was some bullsh#t”. I give this movie 1 angel out of 4. I could have just enjoyed the trailer scenes and not have been disappointed with the extra 1 hour and 30 some odd minutes. The movie runs 1 hr. and 44 mins. It’s rated R for strong bloody violence, and language. It was written by Peter Schink and Scott Charles Stewart. It was also directed by Scott Charles Stewart. It was produced by Bold Films, The Orphanage, Inc. It was distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing

If your ever approached by an angel, make sure their not packing heat. Ezo
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