The internet has been a buzz with the release of Apple’s iPad. And we are talking about when they didn’t even announce it yet. Once Apple did unveiled their latest product, there were mixed reviews. Some thought it was just a big iPod Touch, some thought the name was horrible, and some loved it. So we decide to talk about it via Google Wave and see what we thought about Apple’s latest gadget. In this was Samuel Huang, Jason Anderson, Adele Bailey, and Chuck Holliday

What was your initial reaction/thought when you seen the picture of it?

Sam: I actually really love the hardware. That was my initial reaction. Perfect size, clean looking…although a tad bit too much iPhone looking. I do however have the concern that it might be too slippery, similar to the first gen iPhones. I can foresee many people dropping these even more so then the iPhone. I”m sure the screen will crack just as good as the iPhone one.

Jason: Yea same here, I thought it was a sexy looking tablet device. Something only Apple could do. I like that the back of it had that unibody look of the Macbook Pros. If it is like the Macbook Pro body, it might not be too slippery. I do think, drops should be a high concern though. As I don’t see it surviving a drop from more than a foot without visual damage

Adele: I liked the look…didn’t mind the bezel so much like others…(now i think because folks talked about it, it bothers me a little). i also liked the size. apple usually makes really polished looking hardware and this is definitley one of them. i never thought about it being too slippery. but i do worry about the screen and carrying it.

What do you think about the whole it seem like a big iPod Touch device?

Sam: It is a giant iPod Touch. There is no denying it. They should have just called it the iPod Touch DX instead of the iPad. Its missing lots of functions. Wheres the webcam? No bluetooth? no GPS? It doesn’t even let you integrate with an iPhone if you did have an iphone.

Adele: i think it seems like it can do more than just an ipod touch. i won’t go as far as some folks saying that. it looks more robust but not enough. It need a webcam. doesn’t make sense not to have one.

Chuck: I just saw it for the first time last night – looks like a big square laser disc

Jason: Yea there is no excuse for the no camera. That should of been in there!

Do you really think of it as the in between a smartphone and a netbook or laptop?

Chuck: It looks like its designed to compete with netbooks. I like the flex of having everything separate, because if something jams up or whatever reason with that one device, its a wrap for a minute, plus battery constraints too – i dont want 1 device that does 1412 things because it will barely last 1412 seconds. They might be trying to attack the publishing market with it but even that, you’re gonna see a lot of subscription closed-wall sites starting up soon to eliminate that too

Sam: I think Netbooks still do more. Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, some can do HD video now. Real keyboard. Webcam. etc etc. The lack of Multitasking and Flash is a major deal breaker for me.

Jason: I agree Sam, I don’t think this does a good enough job to have it compete with a netbook. Why is it they couldn’t give it a scaled down version of Mac OS X. Or a mash up of that and maybe the iPhone OS. I can’t think of this going up against a netbook when I can’t even get to the hard drive to copy over my own files. The closed system like the iPhone can’t work for something they say goes against a netbook in my opinion. Chuck I can understand that, but no multitasking at all….No good. Plus not being able to watch Hulu on this is a deal breaker for me!

What do you think about that iPad price?

Sam: The $499 price is not bad..all the other price points are crap. The extra monthly fee to pay for data is also eh…i know $29 aint bad per month..but not if I’m already paying for data plan on my smartphone. Data should be included though. My wife has a kindle. No monthly fee. and you can sort of do lite internet on it.

Chuck: $500 is cool, but it depends on how you’re using it too to justify it.

Jason: You see I think paying the monthly think is stupid. For that extra $130 they tack on to be able to have a 3G model, that should be the extra price you pay to have unlimited download a la Kindle or Nook. If you want to charge more, add a extra price for unlimited data after. Don’t waste time with some month to month stuff.

What do you think of that iPad name?

Sam: Haha. I can pretty much say everyone hates it. Plus, if you read, they don’t even own the patent on the name. They are trying to strong arm it away from Fujitsu I think. I’m telling you, they should have just called it like the iTouch DX. That would have been ok. Drop the iPod name. Although, it does do iPod stuff as well.

Jason: Agreed lol. I think they should of went with iTablet or Apple Tablet. Short and to the point

Chuck: sounds like iPiss… or is that next?

Adele: the name sucks

Would you buy one. If not why, and if so under what conditions would you need to get it?

Chuck: No

Sam: No I would not buy one unless i had extra money to burn right now.

Adele: Ok see this is tough. if i had the money yes. just because i have a sickness. i need to at least try the sucker. I’m just weird like that. but not because i need it or would actually find a use for it in my daily life.

Jason: I don’t think I would either. If I didn’t have a Macbook Pro or Blackberry, maybe. Even if I have money to blow, I don’t see myself making this a impulse buy

In terms of G Style and what we represent, does this device have G Style?

Jason: In terms of G Style, I think this device has it. In terms of style, i think it has it. Just after the style part, that is about it. I see people on the train now with Kindle and I look at them checking it out. This I feel is a sexier Kindle

Sam: It is stylish, and even if everyone hates it, I think people would still buy it only because it says Apple on it.

Adele: It will turn heads for sure. it looks good. and you will definitely be noticed. if i saw someone with it before i got my mitts on it i would break my neck to see what it’s about.

Would you tell someone to buy it, simply yes or no?

Sam: No

Jason: No

Adele: Nope

Chuck: No

There you have it folks. While this is definitely a sexy device, a sexier Kindle, and a all around nice looking device it is lacking features to truly make it impressive! What do you think? Are you planning on getting one?

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