It’s a new year and Palm is moving full steam ahead with constant software updates, refreshed hardware, and lots of new features for their WebOs Devices, the Palm Pre and the Pixi.  However, this has not stopped the homebrew community from coming up with some great new patches that adds functionality to our beloved phones.  Today I want to look at three new patches that I absolutely love and think would be a great addition to your device.

The first patch that I absolutely love is the ability to surf the web in full screen mode.  The picture below on the left is a screen capture of how the browser displays without the patch.  On the right you can see how the patch gives you a lot more real estate and just improves the browsing experience.  The menu bar is hidden and no longer takes away from what you are viewing.  With the patch installed you can still access the menu by scrolling to the top of the page or access the url bar by typing on the keyboard.

Another patch that works really well in conjunction with the full screen browser hack is the no icons in browser patch.  This hides the back arrow and the progress bar.  There are two version of this patch.  One that always hides the icons and another that displays the icons while the page loads and then disappears afterwards.

The last new patch that I love is “named pages in app launcher.” It basically allows the user to label the app launcher pages and easily jump between them without having to swipe multiple times to the left or right.  This is really useful if you want to organize your apps and be able to find things much faster.  This patch works best if you install the patch the allows you to add more launcher pages. You can find this patch and others by installing Preware on your Pre or Pixi.

Again these are just a few of the patches that are available for your WebOS device and are very easy to install.  They make owning a Pre or Pixi that much better and really improve the overall user experience.

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