The new Victorinox Swiss army knife will do more than just “cut” you through the world of flash drives, it will do it with style. We at G Style got to see the unveiling of this nifty device and got a chance to play around with the Presentation Master. On first look, the Presentation Master looks like any other Swiss Army knife.  It has the typical knife, scissors and filer, but its the tech aspect that Victorinox has picked in this cool gadget that makes it different from the rest.

The Presentation Master includes a blue tooth remote control, laser pointer, biometric fingerprint sensor and removable USB flash drive that comes in a number of sizes.  All this is packed into a small and and very handy tool.  The gadget fits nicely in your hand and is great for office use. The flash drive snugly fits in the center of the knife which would go unnoticed if you didn’t know it was there.  Although the biometric finger print scan seemd a bit much, its a cool feature to have when you don’t want others to access your files.  The two button presentation design is conventiently placed on the front of the knife and allows for quick access for swapping between powerpoint slides.  There are a number of designs including the classic Swiss Army red and a silver plated design.

Overall, this product will be a plus in any office setting with its ease of use and nice design.  The Victorixon Swiss Army Presentation Master will soon be available in stores near you in sizes up to 32GB.