FoursquareApp1 If you been following my Twitter stream (@jasonlanderson), you know I’ve become a user of lately. I love this service, it has become my latest hobby. To sum up Foursquare think Yelp, Google Latitude, and a game with a point system all rolled into one.

The basic concept is as you go places, you can “check in” as you go. When you check it, you can see if other people are there, see tips on what to check out there, and earn points as you do. The points come into place as you check into more places, discover new places and during certain times. The game of it is addictive, getting points for checking into new places, unlocking badges, and become Mayor of places is very fun. This is even more so with the Blackberry app! Though this hasn’t been released to the public yet, I thought you might want to check out what is in store. I know people personally who said they would use it more once there was a BB app.

FoursquareApp2The Blackberry app however is still in beta, so it is limited, but it lets you do all the core functions of Foursquare. You can check in, search for venues, see the check ins of your friends, as well as add venues on the fly. Checking in is simple, when you are about to go to a location you hit check in and it will bring up a list of places it found nearby. If your venue is there at first, you can choose not list and search for it by name. If it still doesn’t come up, you can add the venue from within the application.

FoursquareApp4 You can check the leader board to see how you are doing among friends and in general Currently selecting this will launch the browser which will take you to the mobile site for the board. The application though still in beta is very smooth. Using the application is very easy and straight forward. If you are a using of the most up to date version of SocialScope, you know they have added Foursquare support. This is what prompted me to sign up for Foursquare to check it out. There support is good, but the actual application is even easier better and easier to use.

Now all this goodness isn’t up for grabs yet, but I’m hoping real soon as this is a grab application and it should drive some Blackberry addicts to check it out. You can check out more by heading to the

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