DSC_0087I’ve had the Hero for only a little over 24 hours but that hasn’t stopped me from forming some initial thoughts about this new Sprint phone and how it performs for my needs.  Here is a quick rundown of the things that I noticed right away

What I Like

  • nice bright big screen
  • multitouch works well, screen presses feel accurate
  • feels really solid and sturdy and comfortable to hold
  • love the auto correct on the virtual keyboard..it is really awesome because it gives you a list of word choices
  • love that most applications rotate
  • like the notifications window (but i do have a few minor gripes)
  • like how easy it is to customize the home screens
  • like that the phone keeps track of up time and awake time
  • fonts are crisp and easy to read

What I Don’t Like

  • can’t rotate the screen in all directions (phone only rotates when you turn it counterclockwise)
  • hard to switch back and forth between open applications or know what’s running in the background
  • too much reliance on hardware buttons with such a big screen
  • can’t zoom in and out of email using the gmail app
  • trackball seems pointless
  • no universal search
  • don’t like that i can’t get the exact battery percentage
  • notifications bar disappears when i’m in the browser
  • rotation is slow (though this might be a product of an older firmware version i’m not sure)
  • there is mail app and also a gmail app and then there is an IM app and a google talk app, why not just combine everything in one place
  • not so sure I am a fan of sense ui. doesn’t seem as useful as it should be. but to be fair I need more time
  • no tasks or memo app??. I guess the marketplace should have one.
  • can’t take a screenshot from the phone out of the box

That’s it for my list of first impressions. Please be aware that this list is by no means exhaustive. A full review is sure to come so please check back later.

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