HTCHero The HTC Hero has arrived at G Style Magazine, and we must say right off the back, this phone is definitely sexy! Let’s be real, Android devices haven’t really came out the gate looking sexy, trendy, and fashionable. The G1 wasn’t the pretty girl at the prom. The G2 (T-Mobile myTouch3G) was better, but this HTC Hero from Sprint is sweet!

At first look, gone is that weird chin on the other models and a smooth, curved at the bottom look for this Android device. On this one Android slipped into some more comfortable and we like it, packing a 5.0MP camera and the HTC Sense UI, this is definitely a Android device that can hold it own against the iPhone, well at least in the look department. Is this phone really a contender, are Sprint users lucky SOBs? We’ll let you know more after our full review of this phone! For now check out some more images of it in the Gallery.

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