pandorumpsoter2 So I went to see Pandorum over the weekend, thinking it would just be another movie trying to capture that fear in space, which the movie “Alien” did so many years ago. I was mistaken. In this movie two space ship crew members (Ben Foster and Dennis Quaid) wake up from a long sleep and can’t remember why they are there. They soon find out that they are not the only ones on this ship. There are ravenous man eating creatures running around killing everyone they come across.

Now I know your saying, “hey that sounds like Aliens, but with a different twist”. Well if you think of being on a space ship and running for your life from man eating creatures, then yes, but there’s more to this story. In this story they tell of deep space exploration and the effects it has on crew members, and that adds to the drama and suspense. All the characters in this movie have had mental effects from being on this ship that has been traveling for hundreds of years. You never know who’s going to flip out first, or as it’s called in the movie, have “pandorum” effects from long space travel. I thought this movie was well written and it was suspenseful from beginning to end. How did the creatures get on board? How did they grow to have so many numbers? Forget about the creatures, can the crew members be trusted? The story had a lot interesting twist and turns, and the ending was something I did not see coming.

I left the theater still trying to piece together parts of the movie, to get a full story as to what had happened on this ship. That’s when I know I’ve seen a good movie, when I can leave the theater and still be interested in what I just saw. I give this movie 3 stars out of 4. It’s a really interesting story and will have you talking about it when you leave. The movie runs 1 hour and 48 minutes. It’s rated R for strong horror violence and language. It was written by Travis Millov and Christian Alvart. It was directed by Christian Alvart. It was produced by Constantin Film, Impact Pictures. It was distributed by Overture Films.
Reviewed by Eric Williams

Deep space travel can be a long journey, make sure you have strong memories of your past. Ezo
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