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The iSkin Vibes & Vibe FX For Blackberry

iSkinVibes You know it’s not enough to just have the hardware now a days, you need to accessorize your devices as well. We came across these cases from iSkin called the Vibes for the Blackberry Curve 8900, Storm, and Bold (and Vibe FX for the 8900). These are some very nice cases, we especially like the ones for the 8900 and the Storm.

They will run you about $29.99 for most of them and $32.99 for the Vibes Fx for the 8900. They have a nice selection of colors from blue, red, to purple, and black. If you are in the market for a new case for your BB, we would definitely suggest checking these out. for more information check out www.iskin.com

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  1. Trying to leave a comment for the “The iPhone 3G / 3GS ID Case by Case Mate” but am not able. Would love to win the case for my wife's iPhone. Myself, I'm a blackberry addict and am all over the bb info you guys post.


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