So unless you have been under a rock, you should be aware of the leak of Blackberry Messenger 5.0 and what a nice piece of software it is. Now that a lot of you should have it by now, I thought I’d share what I’ve found in it and you guys can come comment to compare and let me know what you liked/disliked about it.

The Good
Since this is G Style, the first thing I notice was the new style of the UI. It is very fashionable, and I love the new look and feel. I love the avatar we now have as well. I also like the recent status area, which gives it a Facebook Status/Twitter feel to BBM. Also though I haven’t really use it yet, I like how you can let people see what your listening to and the location features.

I also think the new BBM make certain things easier. Like changing your status and whether your available it much easier since you can do it from the same place up top.

The Bad
Now there isn’t too much bad about the new BBM 5.0, but one thing I noticed was the change of sending a picture to another contact. Before, you would just insert file and it would say file sent and that was it. You would know the other person got it when they responded to you about it. It wasn’t perfect, but it was 1 step simple. Now when you attempt to do this, you have to wait for them to accept and then watch a progress bar go across, this may be minor and to some beneficial but I liked the old way better for this.

I also don’t like how when you try to add someone to your BBM, it gives you a ton of prompts trying to get you to add the person a contact into your BBM. Granted you may want that person as a contact, but might not feel like doing that right then and there. Maybe I’m nitpicking, but that is like when you goto a store like Rite Aid and you just want to buy your item and go but they want to know if you have a Rite Aid card and do you want to sign up for one lol.

Now that is my only real gripe with the new BBM 5.0. Overall it is a great upgrade and I love it! I’ve been hearing that people have be having issues installing it. To those people I say keep trying, even if it erases your BBM contacts. Most of us only talk to some many people on the regular basis anyway, so those people you do lose, you can add back easy. Trust me this is so worth it!

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