tweeteev-logo In case you haven’t heard of Tweeteev, you can check out first post about it here. If you are a member of Twitter and we would like to think you are, if you interested in Tweeteev, there has been some exciting movement with the product recently. If you follow them, they recently did a contest where the first 20 people who Retweet their message about the contest would get the application. Among the 20 people to win, we here at G Style was among them (we clocked in as the 7th or 8th to retweet their message)

Now for those that didn’t win there was still some exciting news and they then put this announcement on their Twitter page: “…#Tweeteev WILL BE A FREE APPLICATION. BECAUSE FREE IS GOOD.” and with that when they previously mention their app would cost, sent Twitter a buzz as this was retweeted from person to person. So for those who didn’t win, take heart, Tweeteev will be free when it launches second week of July!

And one more thing. If you are active on Twitter, you know G Style is one of the winners of their recent contest. But what you didn’t know if that as a member of the media, we will get the app anyway. So what will we do with our contest win?! We are going to give it away to 1 lucky reader! So stay tuned to a post from us coming soon for this giveaway!

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