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The Blackberry Bold Fuel Unboxing Shots

Fuel Thank you to Case Mate for sending us their Fuel Rechargable battery pack that doubles as a holster for the Blackberry Bold as well. This accessories will set you back $79.9, but will at the same time boost your battery life 1.5 times over your original battery. That’s 7 additional talk hours beyond standard BlackBerry Bold battery life and 20 additional standby days beyond standard BlackBerry Bold battery life

Fuel4For those of you who own a Blackberry Bold, and know full well what working off 3G is like, you know battery life is critical. Some of you carry a spare batter that you can swap out the one in there goes this. This may be ok, but imagine not having to experience down time as you turn off, swap, and then boot back up your device. If you any kind of Blackberry owner, you know full well how long that boot up time can be! We received this yesterday and will be testing throughout the week, so be sure to check out our real world review/testing session at the end of this week. For some of the greatest shots check out the Gallery!


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