jawbone-prime So we have been a fan of the Jawbone Bluetooth earpiece for a long time now. Both for it’s nice minimal style & design and because of the nice marketing of the product as a fashionable item. This is what we stand for here at G Style, so I don’t know why Aliph is just not getting around to sending us one. We actually remember speaking to a rep at a CES Press preview and express much interest in reviewing one, but that same excitement wasn’t expressed as much on their end…But that is behind us now (thank you Jennifer for sending us one! We Appreciate it!) and we are excited to talk about the Jawbone Prime now with NoiseAssassin.

The Jawbone Prime is available now and retails for $129.99, and can be brought at www.jawbone.com or other retailers> For now have a look at some of our unboxing shots in the Gallery and expect a real world review shortly!

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