E.N.D. stands for the Energy Never Dies and from start to finish this album is true to that statement. This album runs a full course of musical genres. You will find some electro, techno, house, dancehall, punk, rock; etc. I found no surprises on this album it was exactly what I expected to hear from BEP. The first single off the album Boom Boom Pow is a banger, if you loved their song My Humps this song is definitely for you. Now I will admit when I first heard it a few months ago I was less than impressed, but I loaded it on the ipod and listened to it while working out and I’ve been loving it ever since. It is a fun track that I’m sure will be a staple at clubs and parties world wide.

One thing I love about BEP is the way they all contribute something different yet necessary to the group. Each person plays their positions very well and come together like a well orchestrated symphony. Some of my favorites on this album are Imma Be, Electric City, and Ring-a-ling all of which are uptempo songs and I guarantee you if you load these on your workout playlist you will definitely be beach body ready in 6 weeks.

As stated earlier, this album is true to the title however there were a few times I felt like I was at a rave but overall I think it’s a decent album. I think when you buy a BEP album you already know what you’re getting into and if that’s what you’re looking this album definitely delivers. If you have never heard of BEP but you’re musically eclectic and enjoy bass heavytracks , repetitive, fun and not too over thought lyrics this is the album for you.