Exactly who is Krys Ivory? She is the talented singer who claims California as her hometown and is the newest artist on Ryan Leslie’s Next Selection Lifestyle Group. She has a great song out now titled “Next To Ya”, and like Ryan has a great story behind her. You see Krys Ivory is a woman who was diagnosed with cancer but this didn’t stop her or Ryan Leslie from making music together and today she can claim that she has beat the cancer! A beautiful story to say the least! Today we checked out her website which was once just a sign up for information, but now a full site. Like Ryan her site will show her journey on this music adventure with Tweets from Twitter, Blogs, and video all integrated into the site. She also has a Facebook Connect button which is a nice touch in today’s day and age.

Missing from her site at the moment and hopefully will be added later is a “About Me” section, which would be a great area to tell her story to new visitors and a embedded clip of her current song, which would of been good for new people who might have not heard it yet. Hopefully they will add this soon enough, as this will make nice touches to her site. But the site overall is very nice and we will definitely be checking in on her to see how she progresses as an artist. Check out her introduction to Next Selection before and be sure to visit her site at

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