blackberry-app-world-curve8900 Some of you may remember us talking about the Blackberry AppWorld when it first came out here and it didn’t get a bad review from us at all. But since that write up, honestly I haven’t used the AppWorld for anything. I believe since then I’ve only installed 2 apps from it. One was the Pageonce Assistant and the other was the new application called Buzzd. Other than that I haven’t really used it.

You see I’ve had a Blackberry since back with the Curve 8700, and have know of Blackberry devices from even way before that. So I’m consider myself old school with it. I’ve been a Blackberry head since before the AppWorld, back when we had to search the net for the OTA download links to software. I’m from the era when a new software came out, you had to go to that company’s website link to get it, so using the AppWorld seems foreign to me lol. In the last 2 days however, it has been a real joy and pleasure to use. See the bad part of having to go to many different websites to get a app, is the remembering the links part of it. If I had to do it that way yesterday and today, it would of been rough and way more time consuming!

The last 2 days however was painless. You see last night I helped a new Blackberry convert, my cousin set up her new Blackberry Curve 8330 from Verizon Wireless. And in part thanks to the Blackberry AppWorld, I was able to load up a ton of apps very quickly. App ranging from Facebook, MySpace, to AOL IM and Yahoo Messenger. Along with stuff like Viigo and the newly launched Buzzd app! Then today the new Blackberry I brought my fiance come in today, the Blackberry Curve 8900 from AT&T. Thanks to the AppWorld I was able to quickly load up the apps she had before on her older Pearl onto the newer device. So thank you AppWorld, I definitely appreciated it! Will I myself use the AppWorld on my Blackberry Bold? That is hard to say, I may have a look around here and there, but like I said I’m old school. The AppWorld is for a new generation of first time Blackberry users, new to the game. I seem them getting more use out of the AppWorld. But I was definitely sleeping on it.

So if you haven’t checked out the AppWorld from your Blackberry, download it from

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