Busta Rhymes-Back on My B.S.

Busta is definitely back on his B.S. with this album. This album is a culmination of everything that is hip hop. The opening is classic comedic Busta with a hip hopera of sorts that lets you know he is definitely back and he hasn’t changed his formula.

The first track that stands out to me is the current single Respect My Conglomerate. I am feeling everything about this song, except, Lil Wayne. The initial version I heard included Young Jeezy and that’s the version I was originally feeling. On the album is this newer version which I don’t know doesn’t vibe as well, in my opinion. On Kill Dem,featuring and produced by Pharell, Busta takes us back to his Jamaican roots.

Of course we have to speak on Arab Money, featuring Harlem native Ron Browz aka Ether Boy. Despite all the claims of racism, ignorance;etc. in reference to this song you have to admit this song is FIYAH !! (fire). You can’t tell me that on pay day when you’re all alone and no one is listening you don’t find yourself blurting out “We getting Arab Money”. That brings me down to Decision feat. Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige, John Legend and Common this song is deep on so many levels because it will mean different things to different people. Personally, it refocused me to be more aware that sometimes you can be too busy and neglect the people that have always been there for you, so we have to make the decision to be there for each other no matter what and take the time to nurture and appreciate the friendships. arabmoney

I could give my views on each and every song because honestly this album is a hip hop kaleidoscope that ranges from 90’s real hip hop, to the digital era and than onto, dare I say, T-Pain music. On each and every song you never lose sense of who Busta is and has always been- a definite influence and impact on the game. Dare we say iconic ?

Do I think you should cop the album ? Most definitely, although your list of the hottest songs may differ from mine I trust that we will agree on the overall and that is that this album is a must have for any hip hop arsenal.