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Day 26 – Forever In a Day Album Review

day26-foreverinaday Being the last Band standing, trying to dodge the sophomore album and Making the Band curses are probably adding a lot of undue pressure to Day 26. Despite the odds they are now the premiere group to watch from the Bad Boy camp and really the only relevant male r & b group in the industry today. With that being said let’s hop right into their new album “Forever in a Day”.

The initial track “Just Getting Started” is a smooth mid tempo track with a nice chill vibe to it. It is a genius starting point and lays a firm foundation for what you expect to be a great album. Then it flows into the current radio banger “Imma Put It On Her” -I don’t know maybe it’s me but something about the track gives me an empty feeling. I keep waiting for the track to fill out but I will say every time I hear it I can’t help but nod my head and sing along to it.

Then the album flows into a few ballads which up until now I felt was their strong point. Maybe I’m biased but after I fell so in love with their song “Co Star” off their debut album none of the ballads on this album can begin to compare which was a downer for me personally. There are some notable ballads don’t get me wrong, “Perfectly Blind” is beautiful but something about the harmonies was throwing me off and I found it a bit distracting. “Then There’s You” is beautiful and the harmonies have definitely gotten tighter on this track.

For those of you into club music specifically in the Baltimore, Philly and New Jersey areas “Need That” feat Jermaine Dupri is definitely a song you need on your play list. It is definitely a club banger and whether you’re into club music or not it’s a track you can definitely get your heart rate up to.

“Your Heels” is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. This song made me feel sexy. It made me think of strolling down the street in the summertime. Overall, this album is pleasantly reminiscent of 90’s R&B, and a very solid album it just wasn’t all it could have been which is a tad disappointing. It has an all star cast of producers and a few guest appearances from JD, T-Pain, Young Joc and Diddy himself. On paper it has all the makings of a classic album; however, they just missed the mark with this one. It’s not far off but it’s not quite on the level I expected it to be. However, if they step their video game up it will serve as a nice compliment to the album it may take them a level higher. Having said all of that I am pretty confident they will be #1 this week.

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  1. Ok so i’ve been listening to this album everyday for a week and at the end of this, I’ve decided that it is only ok. Nothing to me really stands out. With the first album, there was song that clearly stood out from the others, but on this one it all just kind of blended together. If the song Stadium Music which I like, when listening to it in order with the rest of the album, makes it blend in with the rest. It isn’t a horrible album, but I didn’t find it great either. Only ok.

  2. I listened to the 1st Day 26 album again and I appreciate it more now. I had to listen to the songs listed above individually several times to form an opinion. If u listen from start to finish except for the beginning song it sounds like 1 long song :)

  3. I would have to agree, that is it exactly, one big long run on song. I could literally just play it and get to the point where I wouldn’t even be paying attention and it would just be background music and I wouldn’t be really paying attention anyone. Especially if I was reading my Viigo on my to and from work commute.

  4. I disagree with you. The album is not as bad as you make it sound. I’m a musician & traditional R&B lover. The world is much more of a cultural melting pot now. This album is result of society being “all over the place & less culturally segregated”. Children dictate what the market sells, will eventually sell & makes a priority. So if the kids wanna hear noise,music that more universal,european,techy,digital. thats what they make,paint,wrap & package. There’s even a generation gap in the group itself. It only makes sense that this time around when they have a lil more input, the overall sonic image is somewhat abstract. But it is indeed still art. 20 years from today some critic who appreciates this music you now dislike will be giving a similar negative review of some new musical product that is in demand on the streets in the minds of the youth, but goes against everything that was once known as pure… Don’t be mad at Puffy, Direct your anger toward our current state of artistic & general evolution my friend. – efactz

  5. You can disagree but take it easy sheesh lol. No one is mad at Diddy or said we hated the group lol. You can still make good music and not just make noise music cause kids claim they want it. Take Ryan Leslie for that matter, he made good music, it wasn’t just noise music. And though he didn’t make it to number 1 it wasn’t the fault of the music, that had to do with the promotion he got, if he had as much promotion as Day 26 got, his numbers would have took off.

    Everyone person we hear talk about Ryan’s music says it was a GREAT album, and we are hearing that from a lot of people. But not everyone can have heavy promotion and be on a reality show on MTV. So you don’t always have give up on making good music. The Day 26 music wasn’t horrible, no one said it was the worse album of the year, it just wasn’t as good as their first.

  6. I don’t see where anyone said they hated Diddy. As a musical person myself I love all types of music HOWEVER when you make a claim such as this album is better than New Edition, Jodeci and all other R&B groups within the last 10 years you better produce the goods. I appreciate that they had alot of input and wanted to cover a broader audience kudos to them but compared to their first album it just didn’t do it for me and the video looked like Sisqo’s Thong Song LOL. I love Day 26 I just expected more from them simple and plain.

    And speaking of reality show. I think the kicker for me was really they fought all season all supposedly for the love of music and I expected to hear all that passion vocally and I didn’t . Instead I heard alot of men that can sing and none really feeling what they were singing. Again this is my opinion and it has long been the case that true creative genius is rarely heard mainstream. It’s sad but this is life. People would rather do the stanky leg and turn their swag on ….. but eh thats a whole other story LOL.


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