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The Release of the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic in the US

nokia5800 Last week was the release of the Nokida 5800 XpressMusic here in the US. Now while the UK version had already been available for a little while now, this was the US version, that had the bands that support US 3G networks (though only the bands for AT&Ts 3G network).

The US Nokia 5800 features a 640 x 360 resolution, MicroSD slot that can take up to a 16GB card, 81MB of internal memory, 3G (AT&Ts bands), Bluetooth, touchscreen with stylus and finger support, and is going for the unlocked price of $399. Now there does seem to be a lot of problems with this phone since it’s release, for more on that, check out Engadget Mobile as they have done much coverage on this phone thus far.

It is a very cool phone, and it’s been awhile since we have covered anything that wasn’t at least a Smartphone. For more information, check out Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

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