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New Viigo Tango 8

viigonew It’s been a little while since we last talked about Viigo, which is the hottest application on the Blackberry and Window Mobile! So we would like to take the time to update you on Viigo Tango 8. A lot has been put into it since we last mentioned it here, so left’s have a look at what is new with Viigo!

For one you can now access Twitter (Access the timeline and one click access to “Tweet” an article straight to Twitter) and a couple other social networks via Viigo, look into local interest area and search Craigslist, Shopping, and look up Movie information from the app. This is just a few of the feature. There has also been some performance tweaks. I sure those who have used it before notice if you tried to send a article by email and you picked someone who had more than one email address it wouldn’t like you pick the address to send it to. This has been corrected.

You can pick up this new version by going to www.getviigo.com right from your browser. Again this is the best application ever for the Blackberry and Windows Mobile, so if you haven’t had the chance to get this yet, pick it up as soon as possible!

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