So the new Kindle is has been announced by Amazon and the tech world is buzzing around it. So you know we have to weigh in on style. And from the looks of this thing, we just don’t get it! Ok when the first Kindle came out, it was ugly but it was a first for Amazon, so we let it slide. But now with the Kindle 2, they had time to add some style to this thing. What tech savvy people can’t get their E-Read on with some style! We’re not saying that it has to be some iPhone-ish e-reader by come on look at that thing.

Yes this Kindle is less ugly than the first one, but less ugly is still ugly. And for a asking price for $359, I want people to envy me while I’m reading my e-book lol. So ok here some of the things that did change:

-It is Lighter: Kindle 1 weighed 10.3 ounces, Kindle 2 only 10.2 ounces.
-It can display 16 shades of gray, and it can turn pages 20 times faster
-It can talk. Amazon’s new Text-to-Speech feature will use a computerized voice to read any book to you either a male or female voice
-It can hold more. The device can carry over 1,500 titles at a time

Now is this worth $359 and replacing your current Kindle with it? That is for you to decide, but from the style angle, sometimes money just can’t buy you style!