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Jamie Foxx Intuition Album Review *Holiday Stocking Stuffer*

jamiefoxxintuition Jamie Foxx’s album LP is now in stores and this may be one that you’ll want to cop for a friend or family member as a stocking stuffer. Now I’m not sure who still buys CDs now a days, but hey you can always get them a iTunes gift card and suggest the new Jamie Foxx LP. This is Jamie Foxx’s second third album, first being his album Unpredictable which has now sold about 1.98 million copies.

This album from Jamie is a little more uptempo from his previous album. Where his last album was a lot of ballads and was slow and bedroom music, this was has got all these legitimate club, international hits and uptempo cuts. With guest appearances from T.I., Kanye West, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Lil Wayne and more. Favorite tracks include “Number One” featuring Lil Wayne, “Digital Girl” featuring The Dream, and “Blame It” featuring T-Pain.

This is a definite album to cop, while it is really different from Unpredictable, it does definitely have a good vibe on it’s own right! This album is high energy and will have plenty of cuts for the club. This album can be purchased for $9.99 from Amazon or other retailers and iTunes. We’ve included the “Digital Girl” cut below for your listening pleasure. Why cause we like it and we’re a digital magazine! lol


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  1. Hmmmz.. I liked the album can’t say I love it. Not as good as Unpredictable to me. I know it’s almost like apples and oranges but still. I am not even a slow song type of girl but his Unpredictable albums gets played @ least once a week by me. I LOVE that album. This one is like a fad so to speak. It’s like there are good songs on there that after several listens I’m over it already lol. Except for Blame It.. now THAT song is def a banger .. Number 1 does something for me every once in a while too :)


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