This is the first of hopefully a couple of articles we plan to do here at G Style Magazine. No matter how you slice it, Technology is cool. But it is how you use it, that truly makes you cool, gives you "G Style".

To kick off this series, I decided I’d jump in and talk about how I use a mash up of different technologies, some are what some consider "Web 2.0" technologies, as well as one important piece of hardware. With all of these I can successfully run G Style Magazine on the fly, on the go, virtually anywhere. So let’s get started.

The first key to being able to do this is a good piece of hardware. Some might automatically think I’m talking about a Laptop. And while yes a good Laptop can be used, I went even lighter. My piece of hardware is my newly purchased Blackberry Bold. This was actually the last piece to the puzzle I needed. Yes from my Blackberry Bold, I can access and control all areas of G Style Magazine. Now a good Laptop is still a good investment, for the most apart I can do it all. Eve this article your reading now was composed on the Blackberry.

Now why the Blackberry. For one it is a emailing powerhouse, I can get near instant email thanks to the BIS account I have and because of it’s 3G speed and even WiFi capabilities. Also the faster processor and bigger screen helped as well. One major plus was Simultaneous Voice & Data. This allows me to talk on the phone while still surfing the web or sending emails.

Now the Blackberry alone, won’t allow me to be connected just like that. It takes a mash up of different software and services to do this. Some of these include: Viigo, Flickr, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Keep in mind that these apps and services is not a cookie cutter model that will work for everyone, but these help me with G Style.

Viigo for example help me stay in the know, even when I’m not at a PC in a office or home. Then you have Facebook, and MySpace which serves are great grass root promotional tools when used right. But then you have Apps/Sites that do double duty. Like Viigo and Twitter which serves as both promotional (We have page on Twitter and we are apart of Viigo’s channel library Blogs – Popular Tech Blogs) and keep me in the know on the go! And lastly there is Flickr which for now serves as the conduit and can be used when we cover live events (we can use Twitter for this as well).

With this mash up of Software, Services, and Hardware, I can stay connected with G Style Magazine. I can view, log into, edit, review, publish, post to, email to, get email from, stay in the know, and promote G Style Magazine all from my Blackberry Bold. This is "How I Operate G Style Magazine On the Go with Technology"

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