HTC Touch Diamond has just landed and is getting its shine on this month. HTC is definitely putting out the show stopping features with this device thanks to its Touch Flo technology. The Touch, the device prior to the Diamond, debuted the HTC technology last year. The Diamond is definitely a sleeker look and might make Iphone customers envious of what it can do. Even the back has the shape of a diamond. Also being the newest of the HTC line up, this is their first device to be powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 and it’s a big improvement for keeping in touch with business and contacts.

The Diamond has a 2.8 touch screen and feature rich for media playback. Like the iPhone, everything is scrollable with one flick, emails, music, photos, and contacts can be scrolled through like a index card holder with 3D technology. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera with great resolution and even does video call back for conferencing. Besides the Touch Flo mechanism, the web browsing is a major upgrade to most phones. It can scale full websites quickly and the text or pictures conform to the screen just as easy. Also this is a HSPDA device, so it can surf at fast speeds on any 3G network, and get emails real fast too. Even the text messaging is hot, the texting is similar to the iPhone conversation, so keeping up with the same person without worrying about forgetting what was lost is a piece of cake.

No set price for the device, but it’s getting a release early in Europe and Asia, and should be coming to the North American market real soon. With the Touch Flo and the 3D, this is a contender for the iPhone in the long run. For more information on HTC Touch Diamond and other HTC devices, visit

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