So with all the news about the Blackberry Bold coming, I’m amped to get it myself. But you might be thinking should you. Well here is my list of why you should and pretty much why I’m planning on getting it (with a 1% chance I’ll decide not to as well).

1. The BB Bold is G Style Approved! – This phone has G Style, there is no question about that. The sleek black casing, the leather like back battery cover, and the chrome outlining scream style. The screen is sleek, crispy, and sharp.

2. It has everything in it! While your Sprint and Verizon have been enjoying 3G in your BBs, this one will be the first for the AT&T and T-Mobile crowd. Also forget that with the current BB models, you can get everything. Some might have GPS but no WiFi, another WiFi but no GPS. This has it all 3G, GPS, and WiFi all in the same model!

3. It is faster than your poppa’s blackberry lol! Current BBs run on a 312MHZ, but the new BB Bold will be working with 624MHZ, yes. It will also have 1GB of on board memory!

4. One word, Slingbox! They are already working on a client for the Blackberry, and since this phone has 3G as well, this is a long time wish finally looking like it will be coming true.

Ok I’ll just give you 4 for now, as for the 1% reason I’m not sure yet, that is just the keyboard. I’m hoping it isn’t too much 8800 like as that is the reason I chose not to go with an 8800 when it came out, I love my Curve keyboard. Stay tuned as we wait for a carrier launch date (It is looking like AT&T first).

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