So it has been many months since we first talked about Ooma here. And we thought we should come back with a follow up as we have had this system going on for 6 months now. Complaints, Praises, and all!

Let us first say that going on six months now, Ooma is a great phone system to have. If you are the type to talk a lot mainly in the United States both locally and long distance, your not going to get a better deal than with Ooma. Yes their entry price at $399.99 $249.99 seems a little steep, but you must remember, you are simply paying for the device. After that you pay nothing ever again for the life of your product. No monthly bills, no hidden fees, no surcharges, no taxes on some bill each month, nothing! If I got your attention, we must also mention some of the perks. Unlimited calling anywhere in the United States, international and calling cost just pennies. You can check you voicemail from the Ooma device, or online. If you have the Ooma scout device ($55.95 @ Amazon or free when brought with the Hub at you can have 2 phone lines on one number. Yep 2 people can talk from the same number.

Now we did notice some issues. Like if you are on the phone and someone else calls for instance, when you switch to the new caller, that is fine, but when you want to switch back sometimes there is an issue going back to the original call. Also every once in the blue, though rare the phone call will drop. Other than those 2 minor things, the system is flawless and like we said unlimited calling anywhere in the USA, free for life, no monthly bills!

You can check out more at where you can buy the system or you can also get them on Amazon. Happy Birthday