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The LG Vu

LG VUThe LG Vu is one of AT&T’s latest devices that is focused on the mobile television on the go. This touch screen candy bar is the sister of the Voyager and has the touch screen of an iPhone. The Vu is compatible with AT&T’s Mobile TV service, which is powered by the EDGE connection, and let’s subscribers choose from various AT&T channels right from the head set. With the 3 inch screen and touch screen, videos aren’t constricted to a small viewing screen and the easy program guide is easy to navigate right on the head set.

The basic features include Bluetooth, email capabilities, music and video player, and a 2.0 megapixel with an addition of an antenna that extends for extra viewing coverage. The Vu can read Mp4 video and AAC music files stored from an Micro SD card and it has XM mobile radio for extra entertainment. The touch screen has the appeal of an Iphone, but makes it feel like a normal phone in terms of being a mobile power house. For the couch potato on the run, the Vu will definitely appeal to those who want a touch screen device with out having an Apple sized price tag.

The Vu and AT&T Mobile TV service will be available in May and no word on the channels that will be available. For more info on the VU and AT&T Mobile TV, visit http://www.wireless.att.com/home/

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