Yes the day has come where I say goodbye to HD-DVD. The format I hoped would win, but just didn’t make it. You see today I finally received my 5 free HD-DVDs for buying a player. Funny thing is, I didn’t even get all the ones I selected. 3 out of the 5 was replacements for what I selected.

So with my 5 free ones, the 2 that came with it in the box, and the last one I purchased from Amazon (I Am Legend), that brings my total HD-DVD collection to 18. I played it smart though, just got a few that I really wanted. Scored the Matrix Trilogy for half off by waiting, 300, I Am Legend, Underworld Evolution, Transformers, Harry Potter, Smokin Aces, The Kingdom, Ocean’s Thirteen, and Lady in the Water.

So now what’s next? If I want to watch those in HD-DVD, it’s not like my player is going to die just cause HD-DVD dropped out of the format war; I can still watch these movies. So now what to do moving forward? While Blu Ray is of course the only option, I think I will be waiting till those prices come down, or maybe finally this will motivate me to get the Sony PS3 now, we shall see…

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