It has been a great week. G Style Magazine put out a new feature for us and Tha Heights stopped by to tell us a little about themselves and share their music with us. As we draw to a close of Tha Heights week here at G Style Magazine, we would like to share with you their closing comments and shout outs to the people who help them get where they are so far:

GS: Guys it has been great having you guys here at G Style Magazine. As we close, I’m curious what websites do Tha Heightz Boyz visit in their off time?

TH: Well you already know MySpace,, (laugher), Singers Room,, Famecast,, and (laugher). And really check out that, you have to register before you vote, and we are under Latin.

GS: Sounds good, I love the self promotion there (laugher), any shout outs you want to give?

Th: Shout out to Washington Heights, our family who support us, all the fans and god and everyone. Also to Offbeat Entertainment, Pat Taylor. We also want to give a shout out to our stylis Tai Chunn, Tweeite from MTV producers, JusMusic of MusicLife Ent and Um also our producer Bonkas and our songwriters Dan Stokes & Phenom. Lastly we want to give a special shout out to G Style Magazine, my man Jason, on point!

GS: Thank you guys very much, we appreciate having you guys here!

G Style Magazine would like to thank Tha Heights for spending a week here with us and to Pat Taylor of Offbeat Entertainment. You can catch Tha Height at their Myspace page and we’ll leave you guys with this song called “Nowhere” from their profile on If you want to stay with Tha Heights for a little bit longer, you can check out G Style Magazine’s MySpace at where we will be running their take over through the weekend in the form of recaps.

Tha Heights – Nowhere

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