23874_p_m.gifThis weekend Hollywood proved again, putting an attractive actress in a remake doesn’t make it better than the original. I went to see “The Eye” this weekend, starring Jessica Alba. This movie is a remake, that was originally directed by twin brothers Danny & Oxide Pang. Just like past Asian Horror classics, such as Rinju, The Grudge, Hollywood felt by putting in a big name actress it would make their version better than the Asian original. Wrong! This movie follows the script to a tee, of the original. The only thing missing is the horrifying suspenseful moments. The movie follows Sidney Wells (Jessica Alba) a blind concert violinist, who gets a double corneal transplant that gives her back her sight, which she had lost as a child. After the operation Sidney starts to see dead people, and terrifying ghostly phantoms that come and take them away.

3e_7.jpgShe asks for help from her Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) on the origins of her new eyes. Once she finds out who her donor’s identity is, she learns that her new found sight may serve a greater purpose. The movie has like two really good, in your face scary moments. Other than that, it’s very weak in comparison to it’s Asian original. The original was much more creepy, and had way more scare value. Also starring in the movie is Parker Posey playing Helen, Sidney’s sister. Theres a scene in the movie where a dead little boy, asks “Have you seen my report card”? Well yes i have, and compared to your older sibling, your grades are much lower. If you have any interest in seeing this movie, see the original, by the same name with came out in ’05. It’s a much better horrific ride.