welcomehomeroscoejenkins_poster.jpgI went to see Martin Lawrence’s “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” this weekend. The movie is about talk host RJ Stevens, who is riding on his success, thanks to his best selling book “Team of Me”. RJ decides to go to his southern parents 50th anniversary with his new diva “Survivor Reality Show “winner fiance, Bianca Kittles (Joy Bryant) and his 11 year old son Jamaal (Damani Roberts). As soon as RJ is reunited with his family, who haven’t seen him in 9 years except on the television, he realizes why he left in the first place. He has a family of insane relatives from his siblings to his cousins. His brother, Otis (Michael Clark Duncan), sister Betty (Monique Imes), cousin/brother Clyde (Cedric The Entertainer), and cousin Reggie (Mike Epps), bring him back to the reality he left behind so many years ago. One of the biggest memories is how his cousin Clyde stole his first true love, Lucinda (Nicole Ari Parker). Things heat up at the parent’s anniversary barbecue, and Roscoe, must deal with the fact, that family will be family, and you have to love them for who they are, and how they’ve help shape your life. This movie has alot of bust out laughs, and keeps a steady flow of laughs throughout the movie. Roscoe’s parents are played by James Earl Jones (Papa Jenkins) and Margaret Avery (Momma Jenkins) to round out the great ensemble that was put together for this movie. Martin Lawrence keeps you laughing all through this movie, with the help of Monique, who has some of the funniest scenes in the movie. Mike Epps is also good as his trifling cousin who is always out to get over. I have to give this movie 2 1/2 stars out of 4. It was much better than I expected. I walked out of the theater, satisfied with the laughs I got, for the ticket price I payed. By the way, I caught a matinée showing.

Life is a movie, be a star. Ezo.

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