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T-Mobile unleashes Nationwide 4G LTE & Unlimited Data Worldwide with help...

T-Mobile has unleashed unlimited data nationwide which enables you no limits on text and data. $0.20/min for calls nationwide.

T-Mobile reveals Uncarrier 3.0 featuring Shakira tonight

T-Mobile unveils Phase 3 of Uncarrier and is featuring a peformance by Shakira. With such a huge international superstar will there be international plans possibly? And what else will be unveiled with T-Mobile in Bryant Park?

She Wolf- Shakira

http://xml.truveo.com/eb/i/436827257/a/58ef677afb89fc040e3dec6de7dd6c26/p/1Watch more viddler videos on AOL Video I love Shakira, whether she is singing in English or Spanish. She is the epitome of a performer...