With the upcoming Willy Wonka movie coincidentally called, “WONKA” this December 15th, Microsoft and the team at XBOX took the opportunity to once again do what XBOX does better than anyone and that’s make a custom themed XBOX surrounding either a great game or movie.

Chocolate is the theme here and XBOX put together a fun package based around the worlds most popular sweet treat. The best part? It’s all a part of a sweepstakes that you can enter to win this Wonka inspired XBOX Series X, stand, first ever edible chocolate controller and a special edition non-edible XBOX controller that YOU CAN’T BUY! That’s right. Microsoft and XBOX are giving away these custom themed xbox’s for sweepstakes winners. That’s 5 in the ENTIRE WORLD reminiscent of the 5 golden tickets just like in the WONKA movies. So, you if you want to get in on this sweepstakes you can read the rules for entry HERE and you can also read the full details of what you get in sweepstakes if you win by reading the latest XBOX WIRE which you can find HERE

This is another great sweepstakes and a chance to win one of the rarest XBOX series X’s available. GOOD LUCK and don’t forget to go and check out the WONKA movie on Dec 15th starring Timothee Chalamet

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