Apollo’s wearable has been known to help relieve you of sleep, stress, and even relax adapting to your body and knowing the best ways of doing so. Apollo is taking the next step with Smart Vibes. It looks to send vibrations to the body to alleviate those prior mentioned issues even further. This is with the help of generative and predictive A.I. technology.

Also if you a OURA Ring user, Smartvibes will be integrated into that and other sources later down the line. It is available today for Apollo customers with subscriptions.

PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apollo Neuro is revolutionizing the wearables category with the introduction of SmartVibes™. Designed by neuroscientists and physicians to calm the body and restore balance to the nervous system, Apollo delivers gentle, soothing waves of vibration, called Apollo Vibes™, that are scientifically validated to improve sleep and lower stress. This is also the very first wearable technology to use both predictive and generative AI to learn about a person’s stress levels and sleep quality to proactively improve sleep and support the body’s recovery from stress. Available starting today, Apollo customers who subscribe to a membership will get SmartVibes for sleep, enabling their Apollo wearable to sense when their sleep is disturbed to soothe them back to sleep in real-time. Starting in early November, SmartVibes for stress relief will be available and will integrate with more data sources – starting with Oura Ringi – to better understand the body’s readiness and deliver personalized Apollo Vibes to support stress recovery during the day.

“Today marks a pivotal moment in Apollo Neuro’s history. We are changing the wearables landscape with our proprietary AI system that can learn from a person’s health data and act on it, to give people more sleep, and help them bounce back from stress,” said Kathryn Fantauzzi, co-founder and CEO, Apollo Neuro. “Over the last six months we have had thousands of people testing SmartVibes for sleep, predicting when someone will wake up in the night and responding to help them stay asleep, and the results have been nothing short of transformative. Imagine what having an extra hour of sleep would feel like. Today is just the beginning of what’s to come and we couldn’t be more excited.”

With the launch of SmartVibes, Apollo Neuro has created a wearable experience unlike any other available today, by personalizing Apollo Vibes to the individual and their specific needs. Apollo’s patented, proprietary AI platform will learn from a person’s baseline health data to create personalized Vibes that will adapt with them over time.

With more than a third of Americans reporting being sleep deprived, and women are the hardest hit, SmartVibes for sleep addresses two major issues: falling asleep and sleeping through the night. Apollo does this by relaxing the body into sleep and leverages AI to detect and prevent unwanted middle-of-the-night wakeups.

“At Apollo, we took on an audacious challenge: would it be possible to teach a wearable, through AI, to help us solve really hard public health problems that impact nearly all of us, like unwanted nighttime wakeups,” said Dr. David Rabin, Chief Medical Officer, Apollo Neuro. “After years in development, Apollo Neuro has achieved an industry-first health technology breakthrough, with our Apollo wearable becoming the first consumer technology device to detect and prevent unwanted wakeups before they happen.”

In addition to sleep issues, over 75% of Americans report that chronic stress negatively impacts their physical health. By integrating SmartVibes with other wearables, like Oura Ring, Apollo can better understand the person’s state of readiness, and how resilient they are to stress. Based on those inputs, Apollo personalizes Vibes to turn on automatically throughout the day to support the body’s recovery from stress.

“?URA’s mission is to empower our members to take control of their health from the inside out,” says Tom Hale, CEO at ?URA. “We are pleased to see Apollo Neuro leveraging ?URA’s continuous data to help people prioritize stress relief and recovery. This kind of innovative wellness solution demonstrates the future possibilities of how continuous data can be used to improve health outcomes.”

The body’s health is dependent on the dynamic relationship between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system – the parasympathetic (rest-and-digest) vagal branch and the sympathetic (fight-or-flight) branch. Using the touch receptors in the skin, Apollo sends soothing vibration signals to the brain that communicate safety and control so the body can enter the flow state a person is aiming to be in – whether calm, relaxed, focused, energized, or sleepy. This helps to improve vagal tone and balance the nervous system, resulting in more sleep and reduced stress.

SmartVibes for sleep is now available as a membership to everyone with an Apollo wearable – starting at $79.99 a year. SmartVibes for stress relief will also be available as part of that annual membership in early November. Apollo wearable customers who do not wish to upgrade to a SmartVibes membership can still access the features they love today for free, including eight different Apollo Vibes, like Focus, Energy, Social, Recover, Sleep, and more.

For more information on Apollo, or where to purchase, please visit apolloneuro.com, and from today until October 27, 2023, the Apollo wearable can be purchased for up to $70 off.

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