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Apps for education provide a lot of benefits to both learners and educators. They are portable and provide convenient ways for accessing learning information. The apps help supplement traditional learning. They could be the next big trend in modern education dynamics. They have appealing features that include videos, audio, and images to make learning experiences better. Students can download different innovative apps for use in research, taking notes, learning courses, and many more.


Duolingo is one of the apps to choose if you want to learn a language. It features courses translated into 40 languages. It has an interactive gaming feature to help you learn while playing games. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.

Key features

  • Live tutoring for real-time interactions with tutors online
  • Games for making learning enjoyable
  • Offers self-paced language lessons and allows customization of learning styles
  • It can be integrated with other tools to make the learning experience better
  • It has a speech recognition feature to allow quick feedback. It enhances learning pronunciation
  • Learners get certifications after completing courses

Education is an important tool that ensures you have a better life in the future. You should work on enhancing your education experience in every way. Educational tools can be useful in research and writing academic papers. The free examples of Samplius can help you get inspiration. You can explore thousands of essays examples no matter the subject you want to cover. There are free essays on business topics, entertainment, the environment, and many more.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the most widely used online learning apps globally. It features quality educational resources covering all subjects. Students access detailed content that can be used for research when writing essays or research papers. The application is widely used by teachers and students alike. Its main courses include STEM subjects, history, finance, and languages.

Key features

  • Access to all subjects including K-12 from the same app
  • Free learning enhancement tools for educators, parents, and students. For instance, it has a summary dashboard that shows the entire class’s performance. It also features detail-based student profiles.
  • Blended learning to make course delivery easier and better
  • An attractive library with all the learning content required
  • Instructor-led courses and gamified learning
  • Mobile-friendly website to allow access from any type of gadget.


ProWritingAid is a preferred tool for writing essays, research papers, and other types of content. It is a cloud-based tool that helps students to edit and proofread content. The tool helps check grammar and plagiarism online. It is also used as a writing coach and can be integrated with a wide range of apps. It is one of the top tools used in research. Students must read essay examples to draw inspiration for their writing.

Key features

  • Grammar checker for improving grammar flow in essays and other academic content. It identifies wrongly used tenses, punctuation marks, and phrases.
  • Writing style feature for identifying the correct flow of sentences. It detects passive voice, poorly used adverbs, and redundant sentences.
  • Sentence strength feature for checking how strong sentences are. Sentence strength is presented in graph form.
  • Readability feature to check how easy it is to read a research paper, essay, and other types of content.


Evernote is used both as an app for taking notes and for enhancing productivity. It is mobile-friendly and a student can use it to take notes from any location anytime. It can be integrated with Google Calendar to help students stay up to date with their class, writing, and study schedules. The tool integrates well with other Google applications such as Google Drive, Gmail, and Slack.

Key features

  • Digital binder to help you organize all your notes and create notebooks
  • Scan tool for scanning and searching your handwritten notes
  • Recording tool for recording class lectures and then turning them into notes
  • Drawing feature for creating PDFs and adding shapes or highlighting text
  • Calendar for adding to-do lists, reminders, and managing your assignments
  • Sharing feature for sharing notes, events, and assignments to improve collaboration

Aha Slides

Aha Slides is a choice tool for creating interactive presentations. When conducting research, you can use it to create live polls and quizzes. It features tools for collecting feedback such as brainstorming activities and spinner wheels. If you have PowerPoint slides stored on your computer or online, you can import them directly into this app. It is one of the best tools for creating engaging conversations and brainstorming ideas with students.

Key features

  • Polls for collecting opinions from audiences. You can visualize their opinions by adding text and images to create analyzed reports.
  • Word clouds to collecting one-word opinions to use in scientific reports and studies
  • Scales for rating a variety of statements measured on a sliding scale.
  • Idea sharing to allow participants to share the ideas they might have on various research topics
  • Quizzes to collect ideas and answers for complex questions. The questions can be closed or open-ended.


MyLifeOrganized is a student app that helps you manage your tasks with ease. It allows you to create to-do lists and tasks. Its drag-and-drop feature arranges tasks based on priority. You can use the tool to track your habits and create your life goals. It works as a productivity-boosting tool that makes your student life experience better.

Key features

  • To-do lists for adding tasks and keeping you focused
  • Reminders based on location. It sends you notifications to remind you about important tasks. It also reminds you that you have reached a certain location. The feature also sends suggested shopping lists.
  • Sync feature for syncing your tasks and calendars across several devices.
  • Email feature for creating emails and changing them into action items in your current or upcoming projects.

Conclusion Apps for students help increase digital literacy and enhance life-long learning. They improve student collaboration in the classroom and away. They are easy and convenient to use both online and offline. They are designed to make learning enjoyable and encourage consistency. Students should choose apps that meet their learning needs.

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