Gamesir makes a lot of third-party controllers for all major consoles and PC. While you don’t hear about them as much here in the US, they’re popular overseas and from what I’ve looked at over the past few years from them, their controllers are very good. They normally feature a good amount of customizability and high-quality parts. Their latest, the Gamesir G7 SE Wired Controller for the Xbox and PC is no different with features that will put you above the competition.

The GameSir G7 SE Wired is very similar to their regular G7 Wired. There are subtle differences but for the most part, the body and look are pretty much the same. The shape of the controller mimics that of your standard Xbox controller. It’s very comfortable to hold a smooth matte finish. Most of the buttons are in the same spot too except for three of the center buttons which are a bit more spread out but are still easy to reach. The rear of the controllers features a textured grip which helps keep the controller from sliding in your hands.

Like the regular G7 Wired, the G7 SE Wired also features programmable back buttons. The main difference here though is that the GameSir G7 SE wired has button locking switches on the back if you decide to disable the rear buttons. These keep the button from being triggered if you don’t want to use them. Aside from that, many of the other differences are on the inside.

This controller has all the makings of a winner. It has Hall Effect analog triggers, two programmable back buttons with locking mechanisms, magnetic swappable faceplates, four rumble motors, and Hall Effect sticks. The last feature especially makes this a winner because it means no chance of having stick drift. This is what separates the G7 SE Wired from the regular G7 Wired controller.

Now while it’s not a deal breaker, the one item that is missing from this that the regular G7 Wired has are the tactile microswitch face buttons. Instead, the G7 SE Wired has membrane-style buttons which aren’t as satisfying nor as accurate. That’s honestly the only ding on this controller. Everything else is pretty much perfect.

The Gamesir G7SE Wired is a fantastic alternative for playing games on Xbox or PC. The premier feature of this is the Hall Effect Sticks and Analog Triggers. These are way more accurate than your standard sticks and triggers and also last longer, and you don’t have to worry about stick drift. Not only that, if you download the Gamesir Nexus app, you’ll be able to customize almost every aspect of the controller from the sensitivity of the sticks and triggers and the remapping of buttons. All of this makes the Gamesir G7 SE Wired one of my top choices for 3rd party controllers.

You can grab the Gamesir G7 SE Wired controller here on Amazon.

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