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Call of Duty or COD Warzone 2 has turned hugely popular over time. Since its creation, countless players from all across the globe have plunged themselves into playing this game. When a player seems to be disinterested in Call of Duty Warzone 2, then he can use exclusive Warzone 2 cheats and hacks that come from reliable websites. According to statistics, lots of people have downloaded this game. However, not every player has got the patience and time to move up with this game. Hence, the cheats and hacks of Warzone 2 will be pretty useful in this matter. While playing this game, players can use various hacks. 

Getting Combat Records

COD Warzone 2 will get Combat Records in Season Two. Fans had requested this feature at the time when Season one of this game was launched. Though this demand of the fans has been acknowledged, according to the developers, they have involved themselves in working on it. And so, they would include it in the next Season. However, the good thing is Activision has confirmed the Combat Records’ return through the forthcoming update. 

This feature happened to be a vital aspect of the initial version of Warzone, and it permitted players to see their general performance in matches as well as other statistics. It also permits gamers to track their win or loss ratio, total kills, K or D ratio, and much more. This inclusion proposes people with deeper visions right into their matches.

The Use of a Blog Post


COD unveiled its Warzone 2 Season 2 and Modern Warfare 2 roadmap through a blog post named “Path to Season 02”. This blog mentioned several alterations that the title of this game would receive in the forthcoming Season. Though numerous iconic maps, as well as hugely fan-requested modes, have been returned, most of the players of the title of battle royale are especially thrilled about the Combat Records’ return. 

Players will be able to see it live when Season 2 begins. Nonetheless, it will do the job of tracking the actions of a player who will move forward. So, it will signify that it will not demonstrate the achievements or statistics of the gamer who earned them all through Season One.

The use of Combat Records is hugely vital as it tracks the performance of a player and also augments his gameplay. Some of the values that are extracted from this feature would work as figures, and they can be utilized for bragging to friends as well as other players. So, it can be said that this feature has got a social aspect attached to it.

Now as this feature has returned, both newcomers and veteran fans are thrilled about this prospect. Besides, the title of the multiplayer, Modern Warzone 2, would also get a Leaderboard when Season 2 begins.

What’s there in the Combat Record?

To every COD player, the Combat Record is a hugely vital feature. This is regarded as the chief feature of the franchise, and there are some variants of the feature that has appeared in nearly every game since the time the real COD4: Modern Warfare was released. The remarkable thing is players have seen this feature even in the actual COD: Warzone, and its exclusion seemed to be bizarre. Earlier, the Combat Record was announced for Season one of Warzone 2, but somehow the wait didn’t get over.

Though the exclusion of this feature seems confusing, there were several reasons for its exclusion. One of the most important explanations has been technical issues, as these issues did not allow this feature to be properly implemented. However, it can be said that it was just speculation that did the rounds at that time.

It was also hoped that the delay for Season 2 of Warzone 2 was because of the inclusion of the feature, but gamers had to wait for a little more time to get their hold on the Combat Record.

Though numerous bugs gave rise to many issues for the players of Warzone 2, for every gamer, 2023 turned into a big year. The genre of battle royale games is hugely saturated. Hence to turn a game into a successful one, it should deliver things according to the wants of the players.

Though the actual date of the release of Combat Records is still unknown, players can hope that Infinity Ward would realize its importance, so they would save this feature according to the demands of the players.

The Release of Season 2

Players will find Season 2 to be going live on the 15th of February, 2023, and it will familiarize some iconic game modes like Gun Game. Again, Resurgence would also come back with an island map acknowledged as Ashika Island that would feature some iconic spots like Shipwreck, the Tsuki Castle, and many more things.

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