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As a man who loves to game in every environment, I tend to look for alternatives to increase my comfort over long gaming sessions. I don’t usually have an issue when gaming from my desk, but when I want to play in front of my LG G1 gaming TV, I would adjust myself with couch pillows for comfort. Earlier last year I purchased the promising SCUF EXO gaming pillow, which promotes better posture without straining your shoulders when gaming. This air-filled pillow worked for a couple weeks and then started to quickly deflate with little use. Granted, I’m a tall man – but a couple weeks? Nah.

It didn’t take long for me to figure out The Valari is in the market for producing excellent gaming pillows – so I had to give them a try. Safe to say, I made the right decision because not only is their gaming pillow reliable and air-free, but they’re made of high quality with a slew of customizable options. Now, they’re always by my side. It’s not entirely perfect, but with time I have faith that they’ll come around to creating the best in the market.

It’s Always By My Side

The Valari gaming pillow comes in two variant, Rare and Legendary. And no, it doesn’t surprise me that the pillow is similarly shaped like a Tamil boomerang weapon, only a bit curvier for comfort. I don’t know if this was intentional, but I find it very cool. The pillow itself is cotton stuffed, so no memory foam here. The key difference between Rare and Legendary is the materials – rare comes with a finish that’s similar to a stuffed bear with a single-color choice on the sleeve, plastic clip with the inner section having an invisible clip. The Legendary version comes with a double color sleeve separated by piping, suede finish all around, a metal clip and a custom embroidery. The overall quality remains the same, all you’ll be paying for really is the quality of the sleeves – I happen to have a green sleeve with a dark grey undertone and Master Chief’s helmet embraided in the center. This came at the right time given my 100% playthrough of Halo Infinite at the moment.

I use this pillow every time during a gaming session, and I have not seen any signs of flattening. I may get additional tiny pillows to stuff it a bit more over time because I am a big guy and I may wear it down, but I don’t think this would be much trouble for most people. The only issue I find is that the finish may attract animal shedding – so beware of that.

Overall, The Valari gaming pillow is a must have for gamers looking to adjust their back a bit. It is comfortable for couch and portable gaming but can be used for other things like reading or even as a comfort pillow because it’s surprisingly big measuring at 27.5″ in length and width – which worked out for me. Their website offers great options at the moment for both Legendary and Rare versions so if you’re looking to get one, check them out here. Legendary goes for $69.99 while the Rare version is $49.99

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