During Destiny 2 weekly reset, a hotfix was deployed to bring a wide range of QoL changes including the removal of Rare Engrams once hitting soft cap power during a season. However, what feels like routine, an emergency server shutdown occured due to several game breaking elements such as immortal enemies, Servitors that would duplicate itself and performance instability across the board. The issue is so severe that Bungie had to roll back all players account to before the games weekly reset, so anyone who made progress after Jan 24th at 8:20am PST will be gone. RIP to the players who’s earned Hierarchy of Needs.

A streamer named Chevy showcases the issues they were facing during the hotfix deployment.

But this isn’t anything new – Destiny 2 has been suffering what seems to be one of the worse technical issues the game has faced since Shadowkeep; issues such as story progression, Seal Title resets, gambit games played and crafting progress wouldn’t tick after completion. Furthermore, we’ve had our Destiny 2 API disabled for a couple weeks which gave us a reality check: Destiny 2 is difficult to play without it. This is ontop of PvP connectivity issues, Spire of the Watcher dungeon disabled, XP delay, Tower load times and many, many more. It seems to be spiraling at the moment and we hope Bungie can get a hold of it soon.

There’s been a number of reports stating that players are experiencing characters getting deleted from their accounts – and while this can be a server side visual glitch where a simple restart can mitigate that issue, a reddit user named CyanSolar made a detailed post about their Titan getting permanently deleted. Soon after, Bungie’s Community Manager Lian Ruppart steps in to let the player know that their character has been restored in a one time fix – a rare situation that can only be justified if the issue happened on their side of the server. Still, the fear is there and after this day long emergency shutdown, it’s time Bungie stepped in to do some serious contingency fixing because there’s still continued reports regarding these issues and I don’t see this getting stable anytime soon.

The post that started it all.

With Lightfall just around the corner, players were already anticipating server overloads, a common scenerio with every major release – but in recent months, we’ve faced several concerning technical issues both temporary and permanent; we could be facing an unforeseen issue that can cause an uproar.

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