The EV space is definitely one that is expanding as companies that have already dropped some show off new models or updates to existing ones. Then you also have more companies who previously didn’t have an EV model yet, starting to drop the first looks of their foray into the space. At CES 2023, some from both Dodge and Ram look at least visually spectacular! Dodge had on display the Charger Daytona SRT concept, while Ram showed off the Ram Revolution concept. Both of these vehicles look incredible from a style and visual aspect.

Dodge Charger Daytona SRT

With the Charger, details on it have been light, but we know with the Daytona line up the base model will have a 340 badge making 455 horsepower and a 440 badge model making 590 horsepower. There is also an SRT Banshee that will use an 800-volt electrical system but no horsepower has been announced yet. There has been some controversy with this as the purist is not happy in general with electric cars and with Dodge is said will be using a simulated exhaust show and having the car “switch gears”. Time will tell if these features will be admired or appalled.

I will say this though. I get it if you love American muscle, and the thought of an EV isn’t to your taste. But for me, I love a good-looking car no matter if it is gas or EV. The thought of a bad a** looking muscle-inspired car with insane horsepower, torque, and no need for gas, and with these visuals…yes sign me up. I’ll definitely be watching for more information on this one!

Ram Revolution Concept

Okay now, when it comes to EV pickup trucks, there are few on the road now, a couple coming in the pipeline, and more that companies are announcing. Of the current crop that we know about, the one I was most interested in was the Chevy Silverado. That was until CES and seeing this Ram Revolution. In-person, the Revolution looks like the modern looking into-the-future take on what a pickup is. This is not the pickup I have my eye on, that is if they keep a majority of what this concept is. I generally hate concepts, as much of what is shown, never comes to production. So if Ram can keep the majority of this, man this will be a contender.

With the Ram Revolution, some of the features it supposedly will have included Power Frunk, Pass-Through Storage, that illuminated Ram badge, reimagined Rambox, 50/50 split multifunction tailgate, extendable truck bed, power steps, grand saloon doors that open 90 degrees to a B-pillarless cabin. And this is just the exterior, when you get a look at the interior, this is a cabin you’ll want to be in. Some features inside include a Ram track rail systems that run across the cabin floor from the frunk to the truck bed allowing for many configurations and flexibility with a wide variety of cargo. A multifunction console, performance bolstered seats with speakers in the headrest, can fold completely flat, extended recline, or can be removed or repositioned to configure based on cargo or occupancy. Third-row removable jump seats, and a midgate that can fold completed flat allowing pass-through to the truck bed while also extending into the frunk allowing for hauling items up to 18 feet long.

Vehicles To Look Out For

Now, much hasn’t been said yet in the aspects of battery size, charging speeds, and range. These are concepts, so we’ll have to wait to see if they even make it to production, and then get into what the proposed specs will be. But like many concepts, so far they have shown off something to get us excited. Will we be let down, or will these amazing vehicles roll into the dealerships for purchase? Time will tell!

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