Victrix by PDP has been making noise with some very good standout gaming controllers for the gamer who wants a little more function in the games they play. I was first introduced to them as a peripheral maker when I did a review on last year’s Victrix GAMBIT Tournament gaming controller (You can read the review HERE) and since then I’ve used it pretty much as my daily controller until I got this new one. What can I say about this controller? It’s fantastic and if you don’t wanna spend big time bucks on a “pro” controller then this is a great option.


The look of the PRO BFG doesn’t deviate much from the GAMBIT Tournament controller. The major difference is that you don’t get that option for a silicon cover that you did with the GAMBIT Tournament. You do still get that nice black with purple accents and sturdy feeling controller that isn’t heavy weight.

Different texture rubberized grips are on both sides of the controller and way this controller sits in your hand just feels very natural and comfortable. In the back of the controller are the programmable triggers and switches.

Part of the design is being able to switch up your configuration with your analog sticks in either the XBOX style offset or the Playstation style tight knit bottom configuration. In the carrying case you get a number of d-pads, replacement analogs and a riser analog stick for fighting and the big selling point for this controller is the six button fight pad. They can be swapped out easily with the handy screwdriver and put back in the case and I love Victrix for doing this because it all makes this controller so premium feeling just with all of the add-ons. Victrix nailed the presentation and function.

Of course the modular controller with a fight pad isn’t a revolutionary peripheral but it is a big deal for Victrix as they branch out into more options for a “pro” controller that is super functional and competitive with its contemporaries all while being relatively affordable. The Victrix PRO BFG Wireless is also officially licensed by Sony and Playstation which gives it authenticity.


Playing with the PRO BFG is fun. When you have the controller in your hand it feels very premium and you can feel the difference in how you play your games. I’m not at all saying that playing with a controller like this will enhance your skills but it does help in the experience of playing your games better. FPS games like Destiny and MW2 which I play often had a slight difference in reaction times as opposed to a standard Dualsense especially with the triggers. Once you flip the switches to hair trigger you can gain a small advantage in PvP matches with just that adjustment alone and small advantages are all in takes in a PvP environment. The one nuisance in playing with the PRO BFG for an extended period of time are the trigger lock switches always clicking back to standard trigger due to your unavoidable hand placement and the placement of the trigger locks themselves. I found it to be quite the nuisance but overall it didn’t happen all the time but when it did, it was annoying.

The fightpad is why you’re using this controller in the first place. I’m not much of a fighting game enthusiast personally but it’s mostly because I have no interest in using a desktop style tournament controller which is not expensive but takes up a ton of space and the handheld controllers that do have fightpads are either too expensive or if they’re cheap, they’re really cheap. So, there wasn’t really a middle ground. The PRO BFG kind of cures that with cost to function ratio. Once I unscrewed the standard button pad and put on the fight pad I got my fight on and had a great time putting together combos seamlessly because I don’t have to use the top trigger buttons which I always seem to forget about and typically hate using for fighting games.

The fightpad coupled with the riser analog stick made for some expert feeling when playing fighting games. I was pulling off hadoukens like crazy and in Guilty Gear Strive and Mortal Kombat I was able to string together some better combos than before although I still suck. The travel of the buttons on the fightpad give you that split second to change to other buttons when in game because there’s so much less travel than a standard button, the input on the fightpad buttons are almost immediate which is killer in fighting games

The one thing that I couldn’t really do except for in game and physically on the controller itself is configure the buttons via a control hub because as of right now there is no working app like the Victrix Control Hub for the PRO BFG controller as it’s still in the pre-order stage. Even though this is primarily a PS5 controller, you can use it for PC so there should be an app. I will say though, that if the app PDP puts forth is anything like the one for the Tournament Gambit controller then configuring your buttons will be super easy and you’ll have those saved profiles for all those fighting games you play. I’m hoping we do get a control hub.


At just $179 the Victrix PRO BFG Modular Wireless controller is a steal. Yes, it can be said that there are better options and while that’s a matter of opinion. With all of the controllers I’ve come across, the cost to function ratio of the PRO BFG isn’t available anywhere else. If you want a legit “PRO” controller the starting price is going to be in $200 range easily and it gets much more costly.

I was more than satisfied with the PRO BFG. It’s not bad at all. It looks good, it feels good, it’s got a cool factor with it being somewhat modular, easily portable because of the carry case, lightweight and easy to use. Once Victrix updates the app for the PRO BFG then customization will also be much easier. Spending a lot of money is not necessary here. I wouldn’t have a problem recommending this controller to anyone looking for a good PRO controller that won’t kill their wallet.

At this moment the Victrix PRO BFG is available on Pre-order and you can order it directly from them right HERE or Amazon. If this is something for you, you won’t be disappointed. Thx to PDP for being gracious enough to let us try out this super dope controller. Get you one and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can also see my unboxing of the Victrix PRO BFG on Tiktok or Instagram.

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