Following the success and positive feedback of the Px7, Bowers & Wilkins released not one but two pair of headphones this year. One of those being the Px7 S2. You can call it a refined version of the Px7 if you will. More comfortable, fits better and even lighter. But does it sound better?


The Px7 S2 comes in three colors of Black, Gray, and Blue. This shade of blue is close to azure which helps it stand out. There is a gold trim that circles around each earcup while the B&W logo is in that same gold hue printed on each one as well. Earcups have a nylon braided pattern like its predecessor but feels more detailed. This also translates on the top of the headband as well. Memory foam earpads are pillowy soft and cover the ears nicely. Bowers and Wilkins manage to make the Px7 S2 more comfortable and not as tight as the Px7. You still get a secure fit but just not as much pressure.

On the left earcup you are getting the action button that toggles environmental changes such as ANC / Ambient sound. You can set it to utilize a voice assistant if necessary. While the right side has various buttons for Play/Pause, Volume controls, and a Power switch that can also be used for Bluetooth sync. There is no headphone jack on these headphones.

Included with the B&W Px7 S2 is a sturdy carrying case. It has a compartment for storing the included USB-C to 3.5mm audio cable as well as USB-C to USB-C cable. Headphones swivel out and fit into the carrying case.


When first using the Px7 S2 I was notified a new B&W app was created. It had a cleaner darker themed look with white or gold accents depending on the section. The app does allow you to adjust treble and bass on the headphones. You can also see what devices you have paired and change the environmental controls. I wish there was a way to disable “off”. As I would prefer to just switch b/w ANC and Ambient. The Px7 S2 also utilizes wear sensors for audio pausing when adding/removing from your head. It does come in three levels of Low, Normal, and High.

Px7 S2 supports codecs such as SBC, AAC, and aptX (including HD & Adaptive). There is also Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. I can’t recall ever having any distortion or disconnect.

There is 6 mics on these headphones with (4) being for ANC and (2) for telephony. Using these with phone conversations have been pleasant with the listener being able to hear me clearly even in some windy conditions.

B&W Px7 S2 has been used with an iPhone 14 Pro, Pixel 7 Pro, and Galaxy Z Fold 4.


Px7 S2 are outfitted with new bio-cellulose full-range dynamic 43.6mm drivers which are angled inside to provide better sound. Tracks like “Follow” by Martin Garrix / Zedd and “Eazy” by The Game are thumping with bass in your ear but still getting that vocal clarity upfront. It has a wide presentation, and you are getting those clean details in the same breath.

Apps like YouTube, Netflix, Paramount+ and others have no audio syncing issues or delays.


Using these over the months the B&W Px7 S2 have been top-notch. The love the look of them as they stand out from everything else out with its style and color. Battery life has been great with it pushing the advertised 30hrs even if I forget to switch it off at times. Using these on my daily train commutes I have been able to tune out my surroundings thanks in part to the ANC and the dynamic sound it brings along with it. Only gripe I have is the wear sensor it just doesn’t seem to work properly for me. It will pause even if I slightly turn my head and I have tried the various levels in several scenarios. I eventually ended up turning it off.


The “sequel” you want to the Px7 is a great step up. Keeping mostly the same look with some slight cosmetic changes but also upping the sound quality. These are well crafted and don’t feel janky by any means. It supports various codecs so whether you are Android or iOS you can’t go wrong. They do go for $399.99 which puts them in the retail price point of the Sony XM5.

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