Custom key caps, LED indicators, internal storage for profile swapping and multi-function layers – these are pretty much standard for any new keyboard on the market, yet Roccat has launched their pricey Vulcan II Max with all of that and more. It’s effective, very durable and one I think people should consider if they’re streamers, content creators or editors. Especially if you’re all three.

Form Factor

With its aluminum top plate, you’ll get a gun metal finish that’s entirely stylish but also minimal which is what I prefer. This is a full size keyboard so you’ll have your QWERTY standard with number keys to the right. Additionally there’s an audio dial for volume and some basic inputs for music as well. This keyboard comes embedded with a braided dual USB-A connectors, so be prepared to have those slots ready. And because this is Roccat, it has AIMO so you can program its RGB through Roccat’s SWARM. Vulcan II Max is durable enough for power-users and hard-core gamers alike.

Seeing a heavy duty keyboard like this have the option to customize your key caps is pretty wild to me – this should make aesthetic enthusiasts very happy given that if you couple this with AIMO, you can really create some interesting combinations. This works well with the palm pad that attaches at the base of the keyboard – it’s translucent so whatever RGB action you plan on doing expands to the pad making for quite the vibrant show.

Demonstrative Endurance

Performance is at its peak as expected – the Titan II Optical Mechanical switch makes its return and this time with options. You can choose between Linear or Tactile, both serving a purpose. Each provide amazing instant responses, however Linear is even faster for competitive gamers while Tactile is more for gamers who would like to dampen the actuators for a softer touch. With each key about 1.4mm away from its response, each key strong enough to withhold 45G force and 100 million click lifespan per key – you’re looking to pass this down through several generations.

This is coupled with the ability to save several profiles with its onboard memory storage – up to 4 profiles. So, if you’re a heavy-duty editor or developer, you can swap profiles with a push of a button – and swap back to your gamers profile with ease if you want to blow off some steam through competitive means. Speaking of swapping, EZ Function makes a return here as well with programmable shift function that should prove useful for streamers, photoshop or Z brushes artist as it would help with shortcuts throughout. There’s also LED indicators to let you know what’s active and what’s not. I still haven’t found use of it as a gamer, but it’ll come in time.

Titan II Max is an absolute beast that requires your attention and space. It’ll take 2 USB slots to function at its best. This is one for players that are looking to go beyond and with its customizable nature from RGB to keypads, to absolute performance. It is comfortable and at this point this keyboard doesn’t feel like an accessory, feels like hardware.


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