If you are looking to blend tech with a bit of sophisticated home décor than Courant may be up your alley with their various line of products. One of their products we have been checking out is the Mag:2 Classics device.


The Mag:2 comes in two styles of Essentials and Classics. The difference being Essential utilizes Belgian line while Classic has Italian leather. While both looking sophisticated and sleek Classic has that more premium feel. It also comes with six different color choices while Essential is three. Courant provided us with its Saddle colorway.

Its base is a metal looking zinc alloy framing which is topped with two charging bases that are covered in brown saddle leather.

Courant Mag:2 Classic comes with a braided USB-C to USB-A cable matching your color choice and a power brick as well.

Features / Usage

Mag:2 has the capability of charging two devices at once mainly your iPhone 12-14 Series device that supports MagSafe on the front while AirPods (or any wireless earbuds) can be placed on the bottom portion. When charging earbuds, you do get a LED light indication on the base.

The magnet has some nice strength as I have used with without a case, but also it has worked with some cases from companies such as Speck and ZAGG. As mentioned, these are catered for iPhones so for instance, I tried a Pixel 6 Pro which it held but didn’t really provide any power to it.

Thanks to its circular spacious design you can use the MAG:2 in landscape or portrait options. So were you want to facetime or watch a movie it got you juiced and covered.  


Courant’s MAG:2 adds a different kind of aesthetic than I’m used to with charging stands. I love how it blends in with my coffee table and can imagine how colors look elsewhere.  If you are looking for something that feels luxury but doesn’t have an overly expensive price tag out the MAG:2.

MAG:2 is available in “Classic” for $150 while the “Essential” styles are $100.

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