Is Roccat the leading brand for excellence yet? It sure feels like it because the rate they’re outputting with these superb PC accessories is mind boggling. Back when I reviewed Roccat Kone XP I said “Everything you’d hope for is entirely available here for your comfort while engaging with absolute proficiency“…. I stand by this still because everything that was exceptionally brilliant then, applies here but…. wireless! What better way to improve than adding the same level of accuracy, but without the hassle of wires?

Kone XP Air is specifically designed for players who prefers MnK for pretty much every genre available; it has enough buttons to program 29 inputs yet streamlined for the sweatiest of competitive shooters. Their signature 3D AIMO RGB is ever present if you’re into that sort of thing and all of the aforementioned tech such as the Owl-Eye optical sensor and Titan Switch are available for all your gaming desires. I love the way it’s ergonomically designed because it looks like a traditional 2-side button mouse, feels even better, but you can do so much more.

Now, the icing to all of this is its Rapid Charging Dock – you can place your Kone XP on it during your 15min break and recharge about 8hrs of playtime. Best of all, you have about 100hrs of play time before it dies entirely. At this rate, you’re never running out. The dock is pretty slick looking too with its angler slab for a stylish prop up, AIMO controlled RGB slate at the bottom, the sleek look doesn’t miss I assure you. To connect this wireless, it comes with a 2.4GHz wireless dongle or connect through Bluetooth. I use the dongle since it’s as 1:1 as you’ll get to being wired.


The addition is it being wireless with a fancy dock – which doesn’t change much of its fundamentals, not that it needs to. This would be an excellent choice for those looking to upgrade, or even add to their arsenal.

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